Teach Green – 7 Ways To Help Your Kids Go Green

Cell phone battery life depends on usage. The more you talk, text, use the web, im, and play games, the more you will drain the battery and you will have to recharge it sooner. Never use a cell phone battery that is not approved for your model cell phone because it could damage your cell phone or cause the battery to explode.

Did you know that the majority of households keep their chargers plugged in? Your mobile phone charger, iPod or iPhone Charger. Any charger left plugged in twenty four seven will keep charging your electrical bill as well. Do yourself a huge favor, unplug your digital clocks and make sure you turn off all the night lights when you leave for work. They do indeed consume high amount of energy. Please turn off the computer screen when not in use. All these small thing consume 5% of your electrical bill.

Be careful what you spend your money on, though, as it is not at all hard to be taken in by marketing claims that could be half-baked. Instead of using a dryer, if manageable, hang your clothes to dry. You’ll save a great deal of power and money, and additionally, the air and sunlight will freshen and brighten your clothes. A great deal of the discolorations are set in by the heat from the dryer, so your garments can be cleaner by air drying them. The laundry is just one of many simple ways to save electricity in the home and live more green.

I know coming up with gift ideas can be very challenging. You must have certain criteria when deciding which items to get already. I am sure that there are two main things you consider when buying gifts – relevance and budget.

Relatively new to camping are tent footprints and carpets. The carpet speaks for itself. Normally they are fitted to your exact tent and simply drop in once you have your tent pitched. Once in, they offer good levels of insulation from often a cold British ground, allow you to pad around in bear feet and offer a level of luxury in camping that wasn’t previously available. They are also easy to clean once you return home.

Television sets left on and running for hours can put a big drain on your energy use as well. When not in the room, turn them off. Do not have a television running all night in your bedroom. How about reading a book instead of watching television?

Most people will have at least a week or two’s notice of their moving date, which, if used wisely, can help smooth the whole process. Contact utility companies in advance, to ensure that you have heat and power from day one – then on moving day all you’ll need to do is give them a meter reading.