All the phones now come with lithium ion batteries and charging should not be an issue .although it’s best not to charge them over 24 hours.Overnight every night is fine.they all do have a life though leaving it off when you don’t need it can extend that. Although you would miss calls.

Stay a small provide of dried foods, power bars, and bottled water within the vehicle. Those will provide valuable nourishment to lengthen survival till you’ll get the let you need.

Travel Chargers – Travel chargers are commonly included in the box with a new phone. These types of chargers plug into an AC electrical outlet. Some cell phone travel chargers have collapsible outlet prongs that fold into the base of the charger. This allows the charger to be safely and easily stored and transported. Most travel chargers are small and lightweight, and enable you to use your phone while it is charging – including making calls, listening to music, or transferring files. Some travel chargers can even be used with international plug adapters as they support 100-240 VAC outlets.

While packing, it’s well worth filling an emergency box. In here place anything that you absolutely will need in the first few days and hours of moving. The kettle, mugs, a torch, your mobile phone charger and a few toys to amuse the kids are all good ideas. This way, no matter how stressful moving day is, you can keep the children entertained while you enjoy a cuppa.

Tank bags are fine and some of expandable ones can hold quite a lot of luggage, but it does take the fun out of it a little bit for me. If you’re going on a tour with a back-up vehicle, you only have to put up with the tank bag until you reach your starting point, then someone else carries it for you; great.